What’s to be Real

So I was trawling through my social media feed when I came across one of those stupid inspirational quotes. Except this one was more thought provoking than inspirational, with the headline being “truth is only a commonly agreed concept.” Damn. I didn’t sign up for that level of philosophy from a stupid picture and quote.

Often the shorter something is, then the more you have to read into it to find the full meaning of all the variations. What this is saying is something that I have probably written thousands of words on. The concept of taught reality. But I haven’t seen it in this form.

I guess what is happening here is that I read to deep, almost taking an all or nothing approach. Basically I have said in previous posts that I only believe in existence and everything beyond that could be a façade. But maybe I should tone that down a bit. Instead of me believing that I have viewers reading these posts when in actual fact I’m locked in an asylum, maybe I should optimistic.

Let’s say it’s all real. That there’s no simulation. There’s no facades, life is just as we see it. What would be the difference? The world will still only be a place where common agreement becomes truth and what is actually known is only ever built upon something else.

What is the difference? Does it matter?

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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