The Driver

I guess I’m a bit hard pressed for time of late. I mean, three whole days without an upload, I mean, come on. Anyway, I’ve touched on stupid inspirational quotes before and I saw another one that was rather thought provoking, so I thought I might do a mini series of posts.

The quote in question only forms part of a larger saying, but it’s the only part that I feel that is worth looking at. It reads “information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom.” Interesting. I was convinced this was worth looking at when my opinion changed on it for the third time. I’m particularly interested in “knowledge is not wisdom.”

I’ve raved on and on about how the thirst for the knowledge is the driver of humanity. I’ve spoken of the good humanity is developing, hence the reason an alien civilization will never come to harvest our brains. But do they go hand in hand?

At first glance my response was yes. As we get more advanced as do our morals, but a closer look at my own beliefs revealed how torn I was on this. Is greater understanding really advancing our morals? I was middle of the road at this point, with too many arguments for either side.

And then, once again my opinion swayed. I do not believe a growing knowledge to be behind our ethics. So what is? I just jeopardized all my beliefs and statements in past articles by saying that, so what the hell could be that important? Find out in the next post.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…



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