A Balance of Life

When I was younger I had beliefs in the nature of life and the universe. Often I would I keep track of the events in my life and measure how lucky they were. I then devised a theory of the universes karma laws. Just as there is an equal and opposite reaction, there is an equal and opposite amount of luck to go with every event.

For every lucky thing there was something less comfortable, or more painful. And for every pain, there was light. I came up with this when I was quite young and too an ignorant mind the theory worked. My life always leveled out.

Later I looked back with pity on my “stupidity” and labelled myself dumb. But as always, opinions change. I do not believe in it, but I don’t disagree either. What I thought was the universe acting upon me was actually just a trick of the mind.

What was happening was as I got more fortunate over a certain period of time, the more depressing parts bought me back down really easily. In the same way, if I got in a depressed mindset, even the smallest things seemed lucky and I was cheered up easier.

The universe was not at play, only my own eyes. Once I realized this things changed. I started being able to track my own sanity and I knew at least when I was beginning to fall into an “unlucky phase.” It also made me realize something else.

This concept can be universal. Everyone should experience this in some way or another right? Wrong.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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