Social Deconstruct

Science can go away for a bit. I’m going to talk about my experience now as an analogy for what was said in the last post. We may be immune to other experiences because of privilege, but it is the lives we lead in this environment that makes us all different, some thrive, others are tortured.

Basically, I’m talking about the social hierarchy. My schooling isn’t that far placed out of my mind so maybe I can set this up from the perspective of children. The effect is most obvious here because of ignorance and immaturity, not to say an idiot will always change though.

Before I start, I’m not typing this through tears and emotion as some may believe, I was not a victim from what I can tell, mainly because I have seen what it looks like to be the victim of “not fitting in.” During school I found that being popular had no real benefits and really it only holds you down because you have to conform. So instead of trying to fit in the popular group, I searched for a more free region elsewhere. I guess I found it more fun to be competitive with people from higher social groups, winning felt better in the end. And that’s what I did.

Sure, frequent parties weren’t on the table, but I was happy with friends who didn’t need to be fake. I came around to realize that I did need something from everyone I met, and that was respect. Everybody deserves it, and should get it, but don’t always. It was moments of disrespect and just being an asshole that made me want to punch people, no matter how close they were to me.

Social groups are mean, and if you’re in the wrong one then you become the subject of vulnerability. But those who are will never experience what it is like, and I guess I’m one of those people. I and many others were arrogant because we found our way in a confusing world. The amount of friends we had seemed to determine how respected we were, not the quality of those friends.

I don’t know what it’s like, so I am not going to pretend to, but I sympathize with those that are lost, or aren’t lost, but are just too good for anybody else.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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