The Meaning of…

I guess I should have addressed this a long time ago. I’ve to describe it before but I guess I never really understood what I was doing. The whole concept of this site is the situation and meanings of scientific theories. “But Theo, a lot of your posts are just random stuff, not deep and meaningful questions about the universe.”

Fair point, but there is more reading to be done. As I have always said and maintained, this site lives in the grey area. A place in science where right and wrong converge. A place where laws are bent and not broken. A place of mystery.

Some theories here are tried and tested, others are but hallucinations. All of them however question something about us. The way we live. The way we interact. The way the universe works. In order to get answers we must first ask the question. And while answers lead to more questions, our drive for knowledge keeps us going.

We continue to survive, and we as a species continue to push. Scientific philosophy may be an oxymoron but it oddly fits. Sometimes, science is about what isn’t seen, rather than what can be. Life is no different. Vision can be given by what is not seen.

Life’s tough, but meaning is found.

Until next time, this is Theo signing off…

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